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Osteopathic Testimonials

Here are some of the Osteopathic testimonials we have received from some of our patients.  

They have all been pleased to give us these testimonials and their names and addresses

Excellent patient care thank you Sandie’  Hilary of W2

I know it sounds dramatic, but it gives me the incentive to keep going’                                                GA NW6


I have been visiting Jeremy for a great many years, as  I travel extensively on transatlantic trips, and have found the best thing for jet-lag is a visit to Jeremy which sorts out my sleeping patterns and energy levels almost instantaneously, certainly within a day or two.

I have also found sessions invaluable for gum and teeth problems over the years, for helping circulation and breathing problems which when righted really help general circulation to the mouth and dental area.

I also find that his treatments really help for any general malaise, such as the aftermath of flu or a bug.

I cannot recommend him highly enough, and indeed have sent everyone from new mums who've had a difficult birth, to kids with asthma. All with literally glowing results!                                                                                                                NM SE5

My first visit to Jeremy Gilbey was because I had damaged my shoulders by carrying heavy bags and no treatment had resolved the problem.  I arrived in great pain and rather incapacitated, but after Jeremy’s first, gentle treatment I felt a weight lifted and the pain eased.  Subsequent treatments resolved the problem completely.

I continue to visit Jeremy, in parallel with my Alexander Technique classes, and I benefit both physically and mentally.  I am helped to relax and release inner tensions, which is healing for both the body and the mind.     GF

I have had many treatments but the first time I had a treatment from Jeremy I felt energy flow for the first time and decided that he would be able to treat all my problems.  Without this intervention I would probably have a hunchback and many other problems. I have seen him for years and I am upright, dancing and looking younger than my years.

Having felt how powerful cranial sacral osteopathy is I felt confident that my daughter could be helped when I adopted her. She was born withdrawing from drugs and I brought her to Jeremy at 6 weeks old. He and a colleague have been treating her regularly. She is managing main stream education and is able to be focused enough to learn and is recovering from chronic eczema asthma and allergies. Both she  and I would not be doing so well without Jeremy’s help.                                  SE27 DT

After living with a chronic back problem for thirteen years, Crista Galli were recommended to me in 2001. I must admit I was sceptical that any practice would help resolve my problem. How wrong was I! Jeremy treated the underlying problem rather than the consequence. Now I just need a regular maintenance treatment every three months. I cannot recommend the practice highly enough. They have helped me enjoy a life without back related crises and for that I am truly thankful.                                                                                              JW NW6

"Ever since entering Jeremy Gilbey's consulting rooms as a bent-double back suffering goblin in 1995, and emerging as a near normal human being, I have continued to have regular Osteopathic sessions with this great therapist.  

Many of these have been on a preventive basis and I highly recommend his services to folks who value their muscular-skeletal health".                                                                                                                                                                      SP SE24

Our family experience of craniosacral Osteopathy at Crista Galli Osteopaths covers a whole spectrum of successes. This includes every level of treatment from trauma (at all ages) to reducing allergies and support through various medical conditions including terminal palliative care. Our trust in the Crista Galli therapists cannot be over-estimated, making it easier at each session to work with the therapy, speeding results.

We have used craniosacral Osteopathy since the early days of the pregnancy of our first child and over the following 22 years, to now when our daughter and son are in their final year at University. Examples of successful outcomes were: combating morning sickness in pregnancy to nausea in advanced terminal liver cancer; improving recovery times from general anaesthetics for children having major orthodontic extractions to recovery from caesarian section for their mother; recovery from adult and childhood traumas including a recent major hockey stick blow to the neck; treatment of several gastrointestinal conditions. In all cases we are convinced that the Osteopathic treatment enabled the body to let go of internal stress by balancing the body’s natural internal rhythms and resetting normal function.

We were particularly pleased with the support that Osteopath Jeremy Gilbey has given to us during my wife’s ongoing battle with ill health over 6 years when she suffered from heart disease and angina together with type 2 diabetes and subsequently advanced colon cancer that was only diagnosed in March 2010 at the time of metastatic spread to the liver. Her oncology consultant at a leading London Hospital was advising her likely life expectancy without treatment for this aggressive form of cancer was two to three months. This hospital undertook chemotherapy and gene therapy over 8 months that showed slowing of the progression of the tumour growth but at the cost of severe side effects and constant nausea and lack of wellbeing.

Jeremy treated her during this period and relieved the symptoms of nausea and improved her general feeling of sickness enabling her to remain positive. After 8 months of struggle through the chemotherapy the hospital was only able to offer alternative chemotherapy without reduction of the side effects. My wife made the hard decision that as the standard hospital treatment no longer offered her better quality of life she would not accept further chemotherapy. Since that decision in November 2010 we have heavily relied on Jeremy and Crista Galli to dramatically improve her quality of life and her recovery from the neuropathy caused by chemotherapy and constant nausea. This enabled us to fly to Cuba in April 2011 to thoroughly enjoy the holiday of a lifetime as a family and to give her a positive approach to her disease. Currently the hospitals can only offer palliative care.

With Jeremy’s help she has been able to remain with the family at home and although accepting there is no cure for her condition, we constantly find a visit to Crista Galli ensures she feels stronger and able to fight her deterioration, slowing its progression. Key to this is the time the family have enjoyed together and her contribution to our children’s development into adulthood enabling her to feel that she is a functioning member of the family rather than a dying invalid. Short of a miracle we could not ask for more.

January 2012.Name and address supplied

I think I first became aware of cranial osteopathy when I used to take Oliver to a support group for families of children with DS (Downs syndrome), mainly pre schoolers . I went to this group from when Oliver was around 3 months old so the children I came across initially were older than him. One of the things I noticed was that the children often had colds with runny noses and their noses and faces were quite red and flushed . Also the children often had the open mouthed look that children who mouth breathe can have. For a child with DS who has a longer tongue/poor tongue control this can lead to the child looking as if their tongue is always hanging out.

After about 18 months or so of going to the group and seeing these children every couple of months I began to notice that they looked much better, in as much as their noses weren't so runny, the mouth breathing seemed to have improved and the redness on the faces wasn't as bad. I did wonder if this was because they had got a bit older but I then heard the Mothers discussing the fact that they had been taking the children for cranial osteopathy and they attributed the improvement in their children's health to this. I could definitely see a difference in this group of children - they looked much brighter and alert and because they weren't mouth breathing they didn't tend to have their mouths open so the tongue control looked better. As so many of the children looked so much healthier this led me to taking my son for treatment as I thought it might help him. Although it is difficult to say what he would have been like without treatment he does have good tongue control , doesn't mouth breathe and doesn't have the flatter face and features that many people with DS have. He rarely has a runny nose and gets over colds/coughs quite quickly, rather than it seeming to settle in for weeks.

As most of the children within my local group have osteopathic treatment I had become quite used to the fact that they all seemed similarly clear of the runny noses , open mouths etc ( I think they can grow out of this as they get older ) but it did often occur to me when I met young children in other parts of the country , say when we were on holiday that they would often have the same look that I could remember seeing on the group of children at the support group before they used to have the osteopathic treatment.

I think the fact that so many parents in my circle have carried on with the treatment as their children have got older tends to suggest that we think that it does have some effect . Of course all we have to go on is observation but I think it does make a difference and I was struck by the improvement  in the children in the support group who I had seen change over about a year or so , also seeing children outside of our group who then reminded me of what they used to be like . 

….I meant to mention O’s Eustachian Tube Dysfunction – this is something to do with the pressure in the ears /throat and was picked up at a hearing test. The person carrying out the test asked if we had tried cranial osteopathy and I told her that Oliver already had treatment but I would mention it to you. You then said that you would work on this problem and when we went back for the next test 6 months later he didn’t have it anymore. I think this is something measurable in the hearing tests so there was a definite change in him.

Name & address supplied

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