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Our Osteopathic practice was established here in 1989. Over the years we have developed our skills and abilities to support our patients in their journeys to optimise their health. We have gathered a skilled team of Osteopaths and other therapists to work together for the patients.

People often ask us what Osteopaths do, more particularly what do you do here; because it seems so different to other treatment I have received!  Perhaps the answer is that we don`t "do" we "allow".  We help create the optimum conditions in the body for the individual to heal themselves.  The Osteopath acts like a catalyst to allow the body`s own innate wisdom to complete the healing process.

Do you treat particular conditions?

We are often asked if we can help with a particular condition.  The short answer is that we treat people not conditions.

So for example someone will come in with a sinus problem and we will work to optimise drainage in the area, reduce congestion and open up the pathways to allow the air to flow and so the condition will often resolve itself.

We have helped the body optimise its ability to resolve the problem for itself by improving nerve supply, blood supply, and drainage pathways to restore function.

We will also look at why the condition may have occurred in the first place are there any predisposing factors in the patients history or life style that may have made them prone to this episode or a recurrent problem.

Do you treat particular groups of People?

This is another good question. While in general the same principle applies i.e. we treat everyone; different practitioners have particular areas of interest (see our biographies).

We are all very interested in treating children. The reason being that if there are problems early in childhood that can be resolved it can save a lot of potential problems later on.

Dr Sutherland one of the early pioneers of Osteopathy said  ‘As the twig is bent so does it grow’

The earlier you can work to optimise the health of an individual the better.

Alexander Technique and Osteopathy complement each other particularly well. While osteopathy can help the patient release the patterns of strain or disturbed function that are causing them pain the Alexander Technique is able to continue the process by working with the habit patterns that can be maintaining factors.  

Massage therapy a good massage therapist is worth their weight in gold!

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