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Care during Maternity and of Infants and Children

The Pregnancy

Over the years we have seen many women through their pregnancies and then been privileged to treat both mother and baby after the birth.

 The changes in the body that take place with the pregnancy can produce a variety of conditions from morning sickness in the 1st trimester to heart burn and pelvic pain and congestion in the legs in the 3rd trimester.

We have treated many pregnant women to balance the changes in the posture and relieve the strains that can lead to these symptoms.

The Anti-Natal Period

The period around the birth itself is a time of great excitement but some of the strains of carrying a baby and its surrounding waters can overload the body and cause mechanical strains.

Sometime the due date passes and there is still no sign of the new arrival. We have often been recommended as a possible aid to natural child birth in order to avoid medical intervention.

The baby is designed to cope with the stresses and strains to which it is subjected in the process of birth. Most of the time they adapt well to their new environment but sometimes they can suffer the after effects of a difficult birth process.

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Infants and Childhood

Children are not adults and their problems may show in many different ways. These are some of the issues that parents have brought their children to us with:

generally not thriving, inconsolable crying and distress, colic, reflux, unsettled in themselves, poor feeding, wind, sleeping problems, glue ear, painful ears, breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, recurrent infections, poor concentration, disruptive behaviour, aggression, head pain, funny shaped head, Down's syndrome and other genetic disorders, as well as cerebral palsy .

One loses count of the number of time that children fall on their pelvis or bang their heads. They usually recover fine but if they don’t, if they appear to be in pain, if they suffer behaviour changes either from a trauma or as a result of a fever reaction; then it is worth getting a check. We often see children to help them recover from the secondary effects of serious illnesses.

Mothers usually know that something is not quite right. The essential nature of the new-born is that they should be happy, comfortable and relaxed within themselves.

If they are crying and can’t be settled, if they can’t latch on well, persistently don’t sleep well, if they are clearly in discomfort and yet your Neo-natal specialist finds nothing seriously amiss; this is often when it is worth exploring if there is a functional disturbance to which Osteopathy can find an answer.

There is no irrefutable scientific proof available that osteopathic treatment can help or improve any particular condition, including those mentioned above; it may not even be possible to achieve that degree of proof, so for that reason we cannot claim to treat these disorders.  We seek always to optimise function, to optimise the potential for health in the individual, and it is the results we achieve that continue to inspire parents to bring their children to see us and to recommend their friends.

Here is a quote from a parent whose child has Down’s syndrome. He has had regular Osteopathic treatment through his childhood. I still see him from time to time now aged 15.

‘As most of the children within my local group have osteopathic treatment I had become quite used to the fact that they all seemed similarly clear of the runny noses , open mouths etc ( I think they can grow out of this as they get older ) but it did often occur to me when I met young children in other parts of the country , say when we were on holiday that they would often have the same look that I could remember seeing on the group of children at the support group before they used to have the osteopathic treatment.’

A second testimonial

We have used Osteopathy since the early days of the pregnancy of our first child and over the following 22 years, to now when our daughter and son are in their final year at University. Examples of successful outcomes were: combating morning sickness in pregnancy to nausea in advanced terminal liver cancer; improving recovery times from general anaesthetics for children having major orthodontic extractions to recovery from caesarian section for their mother; recovery from adult and childhood traumas including a recent major hockey stick blow to the neck; treatment of several gastrointestinal conditions. In all cases we are convinced that the Osteopathic treatment enabled the body to let go of internal stress by balancing the body’s natural internal rhythms and resetting normal function.       

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A full list of testimonials can be seen on our testimonials page

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….I meant to mention O’s Eustachian Tube Dysfunction – this is something to do with the pressure in the ears /throat and was picked up at a hearing test. The person carrying out the test asked if we had tried cranial osteopathy and I told her that Oliver already had treatment but I would mention it to you. You then said that you would work on this problem and when we went back for the next test 6 months later he didn’t have it anymore. I think this is something measurable in the hearing tests so there was a definite change in him.

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